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Baseball Card Autographs

Signed Johnny Damon 2005 Topps Baseball Card Autograph Signed Tom Glavine 1988 Fleer Baseball Card Autograph Signed Chipper 2005 Topps Baseball Card Autograph Signed Greg Maddux 2005 Topps (300 Wins) Baseball Card Autograph Signed Mariano Rivera 2005 Topps Baseball Card Autograph

Baseball Ball Autographs (ROMLB)

Signed Ernie Banks Baseball Autograph Signed Albert Pujols Baseball Autograph Signed Cal Ripken Jr Baseball Autograph Signed Ichiro Suzuki Baseball Autograph Signed Robin Yount Baseball Autograph

Baseball Bat Autographs

Signed Josh Donaldson Baseball Bat Autograph Signed Josh Vitters Baseball Bat Autograph Signed Gordon Beckham Baseball Bat Autograph

Baseball Magazine Autographs

Signed Bronson Arroyo '04 World Series Sports Illustrated Baseball Magazine Autograph

Baseball 8x10 Autographs

Signed Ernie Banks Baseball 8x10 Autograph JR Towles Baseball 8x10 Autograph Shane Victorino Baseball 8x10 Autograph

Baseball Misc Autographs (ROMLB)

Signed Kyle Farnsworth Baseball Bobblehead Autograph Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball mini-Jersey Autograph

Baseball Autographs has a surplus of original autogrpahs. We've collected our autographs in person and 100% guarantee authentic autographs. Our baseball autographs can be used to compare autographs your buying online. We don't sell our autographs but are always interested in trading, like we use todo with baseball cards back in the day.

We collect our autographs at the stadiums, spring training, restaurant, grocery store, book signing appearances, i.e. our 100% authentic autograph guarantee. We also took pictures of players before, during or after signing our autograph, but we didn't start taking pictures to as proofs for our original autographs.